Facial Courses


Cost: £270.  PRICE INCLUDES STARTER KIT for at least 30 treatments

Pre-Requisites: Facial qualification and chemical peel qualification 

Course Length: 2 hours conducted via live Video



Skin peels with polyhydroxy acids (PHAs) – progressive peels which are performed weekly, so each time going deeper.  As effective as AHAs and BHAs but cause less irritation

Range include homecare (including prepping the skin to oppose hyperproduction of melanin), so with Ekseption, no downtime and no risk

11 extremely well priced peels within the range – so you can treatment a wide range of clients and concerns

Course Content & Learning Outcomes: 

  • Definition of chemical peels
  • Skin cell turnover
  • How peels work
  • Consultation process, Fitzpatrick Skin Types, Contraindications, Contra-actions, Aftercare
  • Ekseption Peels
  • Benefits
  • PHAs: the no peel peels
  • Detailed information on peels and products
  • Treatment protocols
  • Treatment times and prices


Starter Kit:  Includes enough product for 30 treatments, with a potential revenue of ~ £2,100

  • 250ml All in One Cleanse & Peel
  • 250ml Monsoon Mist Tone & Peel
  • 250ml Degreasing Solution
  • 50ml Soft Touch Peel (anti-ageing repair peel for thin, sensitive or reactive skin.  Restores natural pH, increases hydration and radiance, decreases fine lines and wrinkles)
  • 50ml Ageless Peptide Peel (anti-ageing, anti-wrinkle, lifting & hydrating peel for mature skin)
  • 250ml Carboxy Neutraliser 
  • Ice Cream Repair (moisturiser)
  • All Day Shield SPF50+