Massage Courses

Our course is intensive and extensive

In the past, working on clients with cancer was seen as a contraindication and this is not the case as you will see when you come onto this course.  

We want to educate therapists so that whatever treatment they are offering to cancer clients, you have the ability to adapt your treatment depending on how the client feels on the day and the problems you may encounter.

Firstly, you will undergo 13 modules over 9 weeks.  After reading the module workbook, you will be required to complete a questionnaire and, for some modules, exercises.  These need to be submitted before you can move onto the next module

The course concludes with 3 days of practical training.


Cost: Introductory Price of £550 to include 13 modules + 3 practical training days (deposit £300 - can be paid in installments)


Pre-Requisites: Level 3 A&P and a relevant qualification


Course Length:

  • 13 modules
  • 3 days practical training


An overview of the course is below:

Week 1

Module 1: Course Introduction

Module 2: Overview of Cancer

  • Nature, common types, causes, prognosis and diagnostics 

Week 2

Module 3: Overview of Medical Treatments & Side Effects

  • Surgery, Chemotherapy, Radiotherapy, Drugs
  • Life-changing effects
  • Role of supportive and palliative care

Week 3

Module 4: Integrative Practice

  • Meaning, accountability, multi-disciplinary approach, therapist role, therapist care and precautions

Week 4

Module 5: Benefits of Bodywork for Cancer: Evaluating the evidence

  • Evidence based practice and research design
    • Treatments
    • Symptoms

Week 5

Module 6: Managing Lymphoedema 

  • Lymphatic system, primary vs secondary, stages, recognising lymphoedema, problems faced by clients, treatment

Week 6

Module 7: Pressure, Site & Position

  • Pressure adjustments, site considerations, positioning adjustments, props, medical devices


Module 8: Documentation

  • Questioning techniques, consultation form, history taking, red flags & contraindications, aftercare

Week 7

Module 9: Developing a treatment plan

  • Do no harm, conditions which may affect treatment

Week 8

Module 10: Treatment overview

  • Aromatherapy, massage, PMR, hypnosis, meditation, crystals, reflexology, mindful touch etc.


Module 11: Side effects of cancer, treatment and potential adjustments

  • Anorexia and cachexia, anxiety & other emotional states, ascites, bone metastases, bowel changes, breathing difficulties, electrolyte imbalances, fever, headache, haematological disorders, nausea and vomiting, tumour obstruction & compression, VTE

Week 9

Module 12: Living beyond cancer

  • Bone & joint health, cancers caused by treatment, emotional difficulties, fatigue, RIPN, vital organ complications, recurrence etc


Module 13: End of Life 

  • Stages of dying, massage adjustments by stage

Week 11

3 days practical training

Day 1  & 2

  • Compromised system
  • Pressure, site and positioning
  • Benefits of light touch therapy for clients with cancer
  • Treatments for light touch therapy
    • Light touch face
    • Light touch body treatments


At the end of day 2 you will be given a scenario and you will then need to work on for your final assessment on Day 3


Day 3

  • Presentation and performance of treatment plan 



The course is accredited with ThinkTree and CPD points will be awarded.