Pedicures are very popular treatments and have the ability to both relax and re-energise.   It is treatment of the toenails, feet and lower legs.  It is a very popular salon treatment that provides for steady revenue throughout the year for the beauty therapist.  Both men and ladies can have a professional pedicure treatment, although it is more popular amongst the ladies.

Cost: £165, including booking fee of £65

Pre-Requisites: None

Course Content & Learning Outcomes:

  • History and benefits of pedicures
  • Tools of the Trade
  • Consultations
    • Contraindications
    • Contra-actions
    • Consultation form
    • Aftercare advice
  • Hygiene and Health & Safety
  • Professional Ethics, Insurance Data Protection
  • Anatomy & Physiology
  • Nail diseases and disorders
  • Massage movements
  • Treatment protocol
    • Assessing the feet
    • nail types
    • cutting and filing nails
    • nail shapes
    • polish application
  • Add-on services/special treatments
    • Warm oil treatment
    • Parrafin Wax
    • Thermal Booties
    • Masks
    • French Pedicure
    • Express Pedicure
    • Male Pedicure
  • Case Studies

Course Structure:

  • Home Study (10 hours guided learning)
  • 1-day course
  • 3 Case Studies

Awarding Body: ABT & Towergate

Starter Kit (if required)

Pedicure Starter Kit, includes


Lint free nail wipes x200

Cotton buds x100

Polish Corrector Pen

Nail polish remover 150ml

Cuticle oil

Cuticle remover

Nail buffing cream

Cuticle massage cream

Belava Pedicure bowl

5 star base coat

5 star top coat

Polish: Milan (red)

Polish: Bali (pink)

Polish: Northern light (silver)

Polish: Transylvania (brown)

Polish: Prague (taupe)

Cuticle nipper

Hoof stick

Steriliser jar

Barbicide solution 473ml


Files 240/240 x10

Orange sticks x10

Spatulas x100

Nail clippers

Nail brush

Disposable toe ropes x100

Foot File

Refreshing foot soak 190ml

Refining foot scrub 140ml

Cooling Foot Mask 140ml

Soothing Foot cream 140ml

Hygiene spray 190ml 

This course is available at:

  • Berkshire
  • Cardiff
  • Cheshire
  • County Durham
  • Devon
  • Dorset
  • Essex
  • London
  • Middlesbrough
  • Scotland
  • Somerset
  • West Sussex
  • Yorkshire